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Danny Cash Constellation Auctions is proud to feature Danny Cash, Florida State Champion and second and third place champion in the world competition. He has worked in the auctioning business for over 30 years and is one of the most experienced auctioneers in the world.



Welcome to Constellation Auctions, where we auction everything under the stars.

Constellation Auctions is a collection of the finest licensed auctioneers, ringmen, and appraisers in the industry. Under our umbrella we service estate sales, business liquidations, storage facilities, automobiles, antiques, collectables, machinery, yachts, boats, charities, and private aircrafts nationwide.

"How can the consumer make an educated choice when hiring an auctioneer? While it is true auctioneers of personal property in Florida are required to be licensed, there is currently no background check required to obtain that license. Many of the complaints filed with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation are against individuals who have committed similar offenses in other states prior to being licensed here."- Florida Auctioneer Association.

Constellation Auctions promised you fully qualified, certified, and trustworthy auctioneers who will proudly and efficiently provide all of your auctioning needs.

Our Services

We specialize in auctioning:
- boats
- antiques
- cars
- private planes
- business liquidations
and any other items you require our service for.

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